Home Building Isn’t Just What I Do, It’s My Passion.

I take pride in the fact that home building isn’t just what I do, it’s my passion, and I understand that it’s not just a house, it’s your home. My team and I work diligently with you to create an environment that encourages open communication, transparency, and trust.

Calvin Link – CET, AScT



Our Story.

From a family of hard-working Saskatchewan farmers, Calvin’s parents moved to the Okanagan in the early 70’s. Born and raised in Kelowna, Calvin is happy to keep his roots planted in his hometown and he is inspired to help others create their own roots in this beautiful city.

Background in Building.

In his early years, Calvin began working his hands-on approach in the building trades, he worked in Kelowna, Vancouver, and Australia for many years before he chose to enroll in Civil Engineering. After graduation he worked for several years with a local civil engineering consulting firm, developing many communities, commercial and government projects.

After several years as an inspector and consultant, Calvin began to build and develop underground servicing and subdivisions. This eventually led him towards an opportunity as Land Manager for Kettle Valley Development, the first of it’s kind in Kelowna with over 1000 single family home sites. Once he completed the final phase of the development, the next logical step for Calvin with his experience, background, and passion for building was to launch Link Custom Homes.

Our Home.

Calvin loves his community and the Okanagan. He enjoys spending time outdoors and everything the Okanagan’s four seasons has to offer. Calvin believes some balance is important as what’s the point in living in the beautiful Okanagan if you don’t enjoy your surroundings.